piątek, 3 marca 2017


Spring is coming to us with great strides. On this occasion, I prepared for you a small overview of the  StyleWe store. It is a website with dresses for different occasions. Starting with these every day and finishing with wedding dresses. Prices are not cheap but I think that if we want to invest in something that will serve us for many years and a lot of seasons is worth it to spend a little more. Given the fact that in this store selection is huge. My attention was caught dress in a floral pattern that is a hit coming season. Sam I have a few things with the PRINT and I must tell you that I am totally in love. Another dress I noticed is the usual little black dress. Seemingly simple, classic and yet, thanks to its white white collar and cuffs, this is something. Another dress, also black stole my heart so falbankom that stitched on the sleeves and on the bottom of the dress. Buy it!

Do you know Stylewe shop? :)

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